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I’ll have to try this next time…

19 Sep

And all this time I’ve been stupidly hiding what my mamma gave me.  Shame, shame, shame on me!

(via PostSecret)


The Unemployment Chronicles

1 Sep

We all have our guilty pleasure reading.  The Huffington Post, the extremely left-wing, sensationalized tabloid of the political world, is mine.  Regardless, they do have some great features, among them being The Unemployment Chronicles.  Much like what we do here at liberalart.us, they publish the stories of recent grads, several of whom went to the nation’s top public and private schools, as they hunt for gainful employment.

I spent a fair amount of time clicking through these videos and journal entries.  I almost felt like I was rubber-neckin’ at a bad accident, slowing down to see just how bad the damage was.  But honestly, I was attracted to these people, my counter-parts, my compatriots, because of the sense of camaraderie I felt with them.  Knowing that it’s tough for them validates my own experience.

The Unemployment Chronicles prove that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with my generation; we are generally responsible, sensible people who are trying to land our first job in tougher times.  Which runs counter to a huge piece that the New York Times ran last week, saying that we were immature and slow to hit the “five key milestones” that brand us real adults.  Which we’re so not. The economy is crap, and that is a legitimate reason for us to not find jobs, get married, and pop out kids at the same lightning speed you old bats apparently did.  So Gray Lady, I hereby give you license to, as Generation Millenial likes to say, suck it.

Anyway.  Here’s a few videos, with a link to the corresponding entry, below:

Samantha Kreindel, Employed After a Two Year Hunt

Marquez Forrest, Grad Student Looking for Work

Loren Wearsch, Underemployed One Year

Please Fire Me: Because Life Blows When You’re Employed, Too

18 Jul

"Please fire me. I’d like to come out of the closet."

In our hunt for gainful employment, we oftentimes forget that life on the paid side of the fence isn’t as rosy as we thought.  Workers live in quiet misery, withstanding the stupidity and injustices around them.  Their only salvation is sending a desperate plea into the obscure oblivion of the Internet, hoping that the Heavens can help.  Those who come across their message-in-a-bottle plea can offer nothing but laughter at their misfortunes.  Because it is the Internet, after all.

That is the entire premise of Please Fire Me.  Users submit ridiculous work anecdotes as a means of surviving “the hellish work day.” Their catharsis is our enjoyment.  Additionally, it serves as a reminder that our jobs don’t suck nearly as much comparatively, if it all.  As for unemployed little me–I just wonder, I want to join the workforce why again?

Below are some gems:

Please fire me. I am “skating on thin ice” because I have asthma and work stock.

Please fire me. My boss just typed “google” into the Google search bar.

Please fire me. My boss regularly prints out .pdf e-mail attachments and then asks me to scan them into our server as a .pdf.

Please fire me.  My boss called a meeting and the number one point on the agenda was ‘Internet: friend, foe, is it here to stay?

Please fire me. I work out of my boss’s home. As I took my lunch, he gave me a bullet-point list of 12 additional things to do because he wouldn’t have time to get to them today. He is currently taking a nap.

Please fire me. Because no kid ever said, “When I grow up, I want to be a Records Specialist” or at least I hope they didn’t.

Please fire me. I am a substitute teacher at the mercy of screaming, lying dwarfs and psychotic principals who want me to treat the little jerks gently.

Job Websites: Because Google Failed You

25 Mar

There are a ton of job websites out there. I know you’ve been to monster.com and careerbuilder.com. I’m going to go out a limb and say those aren’t the best places for you liberal artists. For once in your life, blindly searching the Google Goddess ain’t going to get you anywhere.

That doesn’t mean you should stop looking online. Just look in the right places.

Here’s a great start: One Day, One Job. The trick to this website run by an ’06 Cornell grad is that he doesn’t actually list job listings out. He starts thinking about employers, what they do, who they’re looking for, etc. And that yields a lot of companies you wouldn’t think to look into. He presents places that you would never find yourself.

Don’t just keep track of the daily posting. Look at the archives to see if there are particular companies that match your interests or location.

Go ahead, give ODOJ a spin and report back.