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Show Me the Quan

5 Jun

When the movie 300 came out, you couldn’t walk near a frat house or a lacrosse team without hearing “THIS. IS. SPARTAAAA!” or “TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HEELLLLL!” A similar experience took place in 1996, after the release of Jerry Maguire.  Douchebags everywhere were suddenly exclaiming, “Show me the money!” “Help me help you,” and from the more sensitive bro, “You had me at hello.”

But as far as obnoxious catchphrases go, Jerry Maguire was different.  It produced a philosophy that can extend beyond the beer pong table, one that guides liberal artists in their career choices.  I’m talking about “the Quan.”

(Only the first 35 seconds of this are relevant here.)

Lovably obnoxious footballer Rod Tidwell just described the characteristics of the perfect job: “love, respect, community, and the dollars too.”  We each have different interpretations what these components mean to us.

I know what they mean to me, and probably to a lot of my peers.  I want a job that make me  feel like I’m part of something bigger.  I want a job that not only allows my to respect my ideals, but also work towards achieving them.  We would like to expand, or at least maintain, that feeling of community we had in college.  I want to wake up every morning and think, “I have work today? FUCK YEAH.”  And yes, being paid for all that would be nice too.  That’s my Quan.

The major lesson here is not that you shouldn’t settle for anything but the Big Kahuna; the lesson is that you should take those quan-less jobs until you hit career and life-fulfilling gold.  You’re not going to find all that on the first job, or maybe the second or third.  If you do, awesome.  But take what you can get, and never give up.  May the Quan be with you someday.


Tis the Season for Commencements

18 May

As I’m going to two graduation ceremonies in the span of a week, I wanted to share some of the celebration with you.  Here’s a classic, hilarious commencement speech given by Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane last year.  Enjoy, good people of the internet.

Additionally, posts may be a bit sporadic this week, as both Ryan and I are a bit indisposed.  However, we do have major surprises in store for the future.  Huge.  Just you wait.  Check back towards the end of this week for something TOTALLY AWESOME AND UNEXPECTED.

When I grow up, I want to be…

17 Apr

My friend George Watsky delivers again with a poem on employment, dreams, and more. And if Sarah is right that we 20-somethings are just like our 8-year-old companions, then this video speaks volumes: