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Adventures in Networking, Pt. 1

19 Apr

The day after I called my career advisor, I logged onto my school’s alumni network and found some people who worked in management consulting, field that I eventually want to enter.  I researched their companies and sent them carefully worded emails, explaining that I was only gathering information about this particular topic and not straight asking for a job.  My plan was to send out a couple of these to see the response before I worked up to 2-3 emails a day.

This is how many emails I sent: 5 This is how many replies I received: 0

So then I thought I would try working my connections locally.  My dad is a partner in a medical group, and there was an opening for a low-level position at his office.  I asked him if I could have an interview with the Dude in Charge, and since they’re friends, Dude happily agreed as long as I submitted an online application.  So I did and thought, “Sarah, way to ride the coattails of people more successful than you!  Awesome, networking is totally for winners!”

This is how many days I waited until Vonetta Jones emailed me a rejection, sans promised interview: 2

Any other girl would be deflated by her results.  Not me.  Yes, my first foray into networking was not at all what I expected, but I have enough maturity to realize that the fault lies entirely with me.  As Ryan says, “It’s about being so impressive that others feel compelled to help you.” I’m just doing it wrong, and simply have to modify my approach.