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Pick up the damn phone

20 Apr

I’ll be the first to tell you, at one point I was afraid of the telephone. You know, that thing device you chit chat with your peeps on? That thing. I was terrified of it. It’s so…immediate, even confrontational. Email is smooth, laid-back, cool. I’d hate to bother anyone or intrude upon people. Even friends — why call when you discreetly text or IM someone? Or if you’re feeling old fashioned, write a letter, don’t call. It’s much classier.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Getting a job is important. There is NO TIME to be wishy-washy, “cool,” or discreet. PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE. (According to web etiquette, the capital letters I use imply that I’m yelling at you. This is not a mistake. I rarely put anything in all caps.).

When it comes to getting a job, bother people. Okay, I’m not saying wage war against employers or your network of contacts by berating them with your words. No, I’m saying getting on the phone makes sure you are heard. You’re standing up for yourself.

It’s okay, I give you permission to use the telephone in your job search. Here are some key phrases I use a lot:

  • “Do you have a minute to talk?”
  • “Is there a time you’re free to chat?”
  • “Is now a good time?”
  • “I wanted to follow up on [insert subject]…”
  • “I wanted to take you up on your offer to chat about [insert subject]…”

And if you’re bad on the phone? Practice. Call your friends often. Better yet, call your parents and family friends. Deal with awkward pauses. It’s like learning a new language — you need to know the words and phrases that lubricate the conversation (yes, I just used the word lubricate, deal with it).

So, what are you waiting for? Repeat after me: pick up the damn phone.