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Job Websites: Because Google Failed You

25 Mar

There are a ton of job websites out there. I know you’ve been to monster.com and careerbuilder.com. I’m going to go out a limb and say those aren’t the best places for you liberal artists. For once in your life, blindly searching the Google Goddess ain’t going to get you anywhere.

That doesn’t mean you should stop looking online. Just look in the right places.

Here’s a great start: One Day, One Job. The trick to this website run by an ’06 Cornell grad is that he doesn’t actually list job listings out. He starts thinking about employers, what they do, who they’re looking for, etc. And that yields a lot of companies you wouldn’t think to look into. He presents places that you would never find yourself.

Don’t just keep track of the daily posting. Look at the archives to see if there are particular companies that match your interests or location.

Go ahead, give ODOJ a spin and report back.