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Funemployment Ideas

25 Mar

A friend of mine, Lijia Xie from San Francisco, wrote up a list last year of things to do in what she called “funemployment,” after graduating from University of California Berkeley (pre-protests). I suggest making your own list. Here’s what she wrote:

after attending numerous job interviews in the last month and drinking too much coffee, i have decided to look into alternative temporary careers:

  • design a board game, prospective themes – Communism: The Multi-Player Table-Top Strategy Adventure (includes domino board pieces), Diagnostic Medicine: A Family-Friendly Game of Chance
  • sell vintage clothing, hats, and home-made jewelry on Etsy
  • freelance writer
  • write/edit poems, submit & repeat, perhaps funded by Kick Starter
  • grant writing for the Berkeley Free Clinic
  • start yet another funemployment blog which documents all of the above activities and links to a PayPal account for advanced investments in my board game
  • do something with the 3 volumes of medical textbooks from the 1950’s I just purchased for $1 each from the SF Public Library because they were $1 each
  • start a blog documenting things that cost less than $4.99 in SF, including entire outfits, books, booze, and entertainment
  • start my own food cart selling hand-made dumplings with exotic dipping sauces, like ginger creme fraiche, pickled garlic puree, balsamic vinegar & sesame oil, filling a much-needed niche in the SF street food scene for Chinese comfort food for hipsters
  • join the Floating Doctors!
  • take sailing and windsurfing classes at the Berkeley Marina co-op
  • attending a two-week artist residency in Michoacan, Mexico

Guess what? A lot of her ideas are legit. Take the food card idea — someone is making a dim sum cart happen in Los Angeles. 400,000 people sell on Etsy with the average sale being $15-$20. Kickstarter.com helps find you folks to fund your ideas.

As my colleague Sarah writes, put some pants on.