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In Which Sarah Reveals the Extent of Her Nincompoopery

2 Jun

EDIT: I finally succeeded! Read no further if you’re here to get some useful information for your job hunt.  Here’s an article that details 5 classic resume mistakes that recent grads make. So don’t do them, or your puppy will combust.  Or worse.  If you want to read about how much I fail as a serious blogger, please continue.

Since Ryan isn’t here to ensure I behave myself, the integrity of this blog has near perished.**  He is a much smarter and bloggier type person than I am, and frankly, I don’t know how he manages to be this responsible.  His posts are all, “Look, I’m being journalistic and intelligent,” whereas mine are “adurrp buhh FEELINGS AND JUNK FOOD AND CARTOONS lulz.”

In an effort to imitate Ryan’s writing style and maintain whatever weird balance we’ve created, I tried to find some thoughtful articles of my own to discuss.  I figured that he probably gets these things from Google, because that’s where we get everything–we’ll probably start getting our food and babies from Google soon too (it’s the mightiest verbed noun on the planet).

You ARE so adjective, oddly shaped scribble man!

Here’s what I Googled in my quest for credibility. (See? I verbed it.)

  • getting a job is hard
  • hooters leads you to successful careers?
  • zombie jobs
  • i want to marry the internet

Needless to say–but I’ll say it anyway–it’s going to be a damn interesting few weeks.

**Sure, you may not have noticed yet, but it’s slipping.  I have machinations of drawing pictures of robots and manta rays in lieu of real posts, even though I have a list of newsworthy and relevant topics (but no articles!), some even in draft form.  But you’ll be saved from my incompetency soon enough; guest posters are coming, huzzah!


Hooters Camp Follow-Up: 2 Reasons to Go to an Interview for a Crappy Job

18 Mar

In my last post, I had pretty much stamped a big, fat, red “REJECTION” on Stacy and her offer to interview at the Hooters camp.  However, I decided that this opportunity merited a bit more reflection.  For example, I tragically have never set foot in Hooters.  If I work at the Hooters camp, maybe I could meander on over on my break and…have a sandwich?  Honestly, the appeal of this place is totally lost on me, but I guess it may be because I’m not a red-blooded male who worships the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and HG, I’d like you to meet Boobs, Wings, and Beer).

All joking aside, I did go to the interview today, and they told me that I had answered well and was a very strong candidate.  Which pretty much sounds like I have the job.  Woo. I’m not that thrilled because the idea of spending a summer in Lakeland is kind of depressing (I’ll tell you folks why I hate this place in an upcoming post).  Besides, I dreamt of changing the world after graduation, not running after 60-100 kids for nine hours a day.

So then why did I even go to the interview?  A smorgasbord of reasons, but I’ll list two that may be helpful to you.

1) I viewed this as a chance to practice my interview skills.  When I applied to Teach For America and made it to the final round, I made every unprofessional mistake you can make: I said “um,” I fiddled, I doodled, which were all actions that stemmed from my nerves, and probably led to my rejection (read: do NOT do these things!).  The Hooters camp practice interview would have been tremendously helpful before my TFA interview, so I could have caught those habits before I went into an opportunity that I really cared about. 2) It’s best to keep your options open.  Say June rolls around and I don’t have my dream job in a big city (PLEASE GOD NO).  I’d like to be able to do something that I love: working with kids.  Yeah, I may bitch and moan about how it’s a step down, but at the end of the day, doing something you like is better than doing nothing at all.  Even if it does pay $7.25 an hour.

Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined: Finding a Hometown Gig

16 Mar

I arrived at my parents’ house in Lakeland, Fl six weeks ago, and like many recent graduates, decided to look for a local job to kill the time as I continued my real job hunt in other, more urban areas (like Boston, NY, DC, the moon, just anywhere but Florida). Today, I finally received my first interview invitation.  Exciting, right?

Great big jugs.

Keep reading.

“Hello, is this Sarah?  This is Stacy from Lakeland Parks and Recreations, and I’d like to invite you to interview for the position of Camp Counselor.  Are you available tomorrow afternoon?”

“… Oh riiiiiight. Yes. Umsureyeahok.”

“Great! So, we’re located right behind the Hooters on Imperial Blvd.  Do you know where that is?”

“Stacy, I can honestly say I don’t know where the Hooters is in town.”

So.  Hooters.  Who looked behind that “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” establishment, known for its trifecta of boobs, wings, and beer, and thought, “this would be a great place for kids to play!”  Was it someone inside the restaurant who had overindulged on the goodies offered there, looked out the window, saw the grassy field, and was struck by divine inspiration?  And what about the kids who go to this camp?  I bet they didn’t expect to receive a dose of sex-ed when they go out to play kickball.

Here’s the thing about looking for a local job.  I believe you have to find the right balance between “killing the time” and “building your resume.”  I don’t think employers will be impressed by “Lakeland Parks and Recreations” when I’m competing against kids who’ve held internships at both JP Morgan and Lehman Bros.  Sure, this is something to do, and it is paid, but it seems like a step down to have a Bachelors and then go back to a summer gig I held three years ago.  I can’t help but think it would be better to do something that’s reflective of your personality and allows for potential leadership growth: stage manage a show, volunteer on a campaign…start a blog about unemployment, whatever!  You just have to be sure to step back and think, “How will this opportunity help me in the long run?”

I probably won’t take the camp counselor job.  It doesn’t start til June, and besides, I am ill-equipped to answer the question, “What are hooters?”  Because you know they’ll ask.