Sarah has recently graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in Religion and a minor in Music.  No, she is not a Bible-thumpin’ enthusiast, and no, she’s not heading to the seminary–in fact, she isn’t even Christian, gasp!  It took her a couple months and a few false starts for her to realize her career passion: education reform.  Don’t be fooled though, she is still very much an unemployed liberal artist.  She currently spends her days as the live-in babysitter to her seven younger brothers and sisters, which requires a vast knowledge of fart jokes and Justin Bieber songs.  She currently volunteers as an adult literacy tutor in a small, unremarkable town in Florida that is known most notably for its high crystal meth usage.  Because what’s a podunk town got going for it besides drugs?

Ryan graduated from Middlebury only to find himself right back where he started four years earlier: Middlebury. He celebrates the healthy life by walking to his swanky-but-sparse corner office each day where he kicks butt on spreadsheets and content management systems everywhere. Okay, so he’s not actually unemployed (note to self: avoid double negatives), but he should be looking for a job somewhere other than his alma mater. His biggest challenge will be taking interests in journalism, education, business, China, technology, etc. and whipping them into a flour-less chocolate cake of a job.

If Leslie‘s life were a book, it would be titled Think Outside the Path or The Search for Happy, Aint No GPS or There to Here: What Just Happened? Yes, she did the liberal art thing and graduated from the upstanding Middlebury College with a film major and physics minor. But then she decided to pursue happiness rather than Life (the kind with a pension and paycheck and a capital “L”), which led her across the globe for a spell. Now she’s back, living in a borrowed apartment in New York City and interning (for free) once again. One day maybe she’ll be an award winning columnist or part of the first colony on Mars or negotiate peace in the Middle East, but for now, she’s just like you: an unemployed liberal artist.

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