There are pressures of unemployment, but this ain’t the 1930s. We’re smart cookies. We’re jacks-and-jills-of-all-trades. We’re Millenial, with a capital M. Better yet, we’re liberal arts grads — yea, the kids who majored in English, Religion, and Gender Studies. And that’s exactly why you should hire us: to brainstorm as if there is no box, to innovate like entrepreneurs, and to make an impact. And each of us will blog our job searches until we make this happen.

But really, what does a liberal arts degree really mean? Where does it get you? What skills do you have? We have seen some of the smartest and most talented friends (maybe even ourselves) struggle immensely post-graduation and this blog is for them. And it’s not to help them as if this were charity or an advice line. It’s to give voice to them.

We’re saying that the 20-something recession-grad is a story worth telling. The successes. The failures. The pressures. We’re living it, so why try to mask it in Career Service pamphlets and cryptic facebook statuses. Let us know what you think. Comment early and often.

Want to get in touch? Email us: sayhello at liberalart dot us.

Header photo by Origamidon and is licensed through Creative Commons. It depicts Middlebury College’s Ross Fireplace Lounge portraits of past Middlebury presidents.

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