Sixth Time’s The Charm?

16 Nov

Today I got hired for my sixth internship. As those (2) people who are regular readers will remember, I had hoped that my fifth internship would be my last. I am totally this dude, ready to fly one more kite even though the last five didn’t work out so well. Hope springs eternal, eh?

So what will I be doing this time, you ask? I’ll be working in the corporate department of a humongous, worldwide PR company. Selling out? Maybe. But this internship pays to the tune of $12 an hour. And I’ve been told many times over, “PR can be anything you want it to be,” so I am choosing not to dwell on the size of the company or its roster of clients (including Wal Mart) and instead focus on the possibilities of PR intersecting with my interests in storytelling and filmmaking.

In sum, I’m going to say it again, even though it will come back to haunt me: Hopefully this sixth internship will be my last.


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