Juggling Act

12 Nov

I am now a juggler.

I never wanted to be one. In fact, in my one attempt at actual juggling, I didn’t make it past the plastic bag version. I certainly didn’t manage to ever juggle more than one bean bag, and couldn’t ever juggle a single knife. I am very good at mono-tasking to the world’s incessant multi-tasking. Some people tell me this is good, a lost art as it were. Certainly A.J. Jacobs would agree.

So you can see how it wouldn’t be the easiest thing for me to be a juggler. Last night I took the subway from my internship writing for a financial blog to a screening of IRUBNY for coverage with the New York Press, then went home and took a writing test for a possible internship with Cohn & Wolfe. Today I have to write the coverage of the movie I would have written last night, then have whatever Friday night fun I was hoping I’d be able to have before job hunting online (just my favorite nighttime activity, how about you?).

So I juggle. I run from one current job towards the possibility of a future job and try to keep everything in the air without dropping the ball. And let me tell you, it’s exhausting.


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