The Vicious Cycle

9 Nov

I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life in the world! (sort of!) Huzzah!

As the two or three of you who avidly read this blog know, I want to be a writer. Cue the laughter.

That’s right. I want to spread my own brand of insight and intelligence all over the web and world as if my ideas and opinions are more important than anyone else’s. Because I feel self-important that way. Hell, when I’ve just finished a winner of an article, I feel like freakin’ Shakespeare. All hail this generation’s newest and most wonderful wordsmith.

Dreams are all warm and fuzzy, but I’m realizing reality is much more cold. I’ve been sending out something like 10 letters a week, offering to WORK FOR FREE, and I got only one response:

As you know, we love video on our website (especially when it allows me to pose nude). That said, our top priority right now is just getting our newspapers out — and we are VERY short-staffed. What you describe is very appealing, but there really is no way to work you into our system given the current restrictions we have over here.

Sorry, but thanks.
This is officially a low point. A short-staffed newspaper can’t afford to take me on for free (um, hello, I could be the tall staff writer that ends your short-staffed-ness!).
Knowing what I want to do may only be the first battle of the war. I’ve found my personal legend, but achieving it is another matter entirely. Too bad I don’t have the world conspiring to help me out … damn you Paulo Coelho and your unrealistic self-help books masquerading as graphic novels!

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