Fifth Time’s The Charm

2 Nov

On Thursday I will begin my fifth internship. I am crossing every finger and toe I’ve got that this fifth one is my last. Even in this economy, five seems a bit excessive, right? Whatever practical skills needed learning before I was job-ready have been learned, and at this point I am doing the work of an employee without the title or pay.

This new venture is with AD:60, a startup ad agency in DUMBO, Brooklyn. I will be doing basically the same thing that I do for the New York Press (write blog posts on current news, longer articles aimed at consumers and some videos to provide visual spark) except this time I’m writing for a financial website.

Anybody find the humor yet? I must have sold myself pretty damn well (not knowing a lick about finance and all) for them to be “very impressed with me.” I think when they asked me how I felt about writing for finance, I said, “A writer’s job is to sound passionate and knowledgable about stuff that they are neither passionate nor knowledgable about.” True enough. And when I consulted with my friend Diana, who actually works in the finance world, she claimed that the entire industry is the blind leading the blind. Which also makes sense given our current economic straights.

So maybe I am qualified to write for a finance blog after all. And maybe, just maybe, two or three months down the road this tiny startup will need another full time employee. Please let the fifth time be the charm …


One Response to “Fifth Time’s The Charm”

  1. Just_uraverage November 8, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    Blind leading the blind is exactly how it is. It’s a fake it till you make it kinda world out there. And when you’re young, you can never have enough experience.

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