Craigslist Housing Special, Part 2

31 Oct

Continuing my great exchange with housing scammers, I give you the latest email… note the Nigerian phone number at the end:


Thanks for your prompt response to mail and it’s my sincere pleasure writing back to you.I do appreciate the whole time and effort you have really shown to rent from us and telling me more about you.I must confess that you really sound like the type of tenant we have been praying and fasting over to come our way,we will be glad to have you as our new tenant to be,if only you will agree to work with us directly and promise to take proper care of the apartment for us,which is the most important thing to us.

We have everything intact in the apartment and all the utilities are intact,I will like to tell you that you have nothing to be worried about if you really willing to rent from us.The keys and the document are with my husband in ( west Africa  ),my husband made me understand that he will only commence on the delivery of our apartment keys/documents to the new tenant via DHL courier service,after we have come to an agreement and after confirming the upfront advance deposit payment.My apartment is a private apartment,you will have the access to my apartment,as soon as you have my apartment keys/documents with you.

The rent per month still remain $800 including all the utilities like electricity, water, wireless Internet, satellite TV, air conditioning,dryer, washing machine, Telephone , Washing machine,security and heating.You can bring your things into the apartment if you wish,we have an extra space for that,more so I want you to have it in mind that you dealing with a God fearing and responsible folks,I give you my word that you will never regret from renting from us if only you will believe in us.I believe God has a way of working out things if only we can put our trust in him.You will have the access to move into my our apartment,as soon as you have our apartment keys/documents with you.

My husband wish to have some relevant information from you if you are ready to get this going,so you are expected to carefully fill out the form below or just simply reply back with answers to the questions.My husband will use the details to commence on the delivery of our apartment keys/documents to your address,and also to use it to prepare for the documents to your name.

1) Your Full Name?
2) Your Full Address & Phone Number?
3) How old are you?
4) Are you married?
5) How many people will be living in the house?
6) Do you have a pet?
7) Do you have a car?
8 ) Occupation?
9) What is your religion?
10) Do you smoke?
11) What date you intend to move in?
12) For how long you will stay in the place?

Answers would be greatly appreciated,so that my husband can use it for the shipment of our apartment keys/document to you.Attached are more photos of the apartment,fully furnished and well decorated .Thank for being so honest with us and God bless you too.You can reach my husband (Mr. Wale Morris) anytime on 0112347056585995 or +2347056585995.

Mrs. Kathy Morris

I wonder who actually lives in the house that this person is trying to scam-rent me?


One Response to “Craigslist Housing Special, Part 2”

  1. Lily January 30, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    Hi Ryan,

    I just want to share the e-mails that I also received after e-mailing two similar inconsistent and too good to be true apartment listings on Craigslist.

    1st One:

    “Thank you for your interest towards our lovely apartment,the one bedroom apartment is still very available for rent for short and long term rental.The apartment is in a good condition,come furnished and well decorated.The full address of the apartment is ( 3039 Q St NW , Washington, DC 20007 ) Located in a beautiful, vibrant and secure area, where you will find restaurants,bar,pharmacies,shops train station e.t.c,location that’s exactly right, exactly where you want to be.I am sure you are ok with the price $700 per month including all the utilities like electricity, water, wireless Internet, satellite TV, air conditioning, dryer, Telephone , Washing machine, security and heating and secure offstreet parking.

    The apartment belong to my husband ( Rev. Timothy Robert ) formally occupied by both of us and our only daughter before we got transferred to west Africa to complete 2 years missionary work with God.We are a God fearing, honest,clean and tidy folks you can depend on and we will need someone like us to live in our apartment and treat like it is own.well trained pets allowed.We have everything intact in the apartment and we a tenant to move in ASAP and put things in place.Our apartment is a very private beautiful apartment,clean and fully furnished.You can drive or walk by the location to have the experience of the neighborhood,and please mind the way you will patrol on the street when going so that you will wont be harass by the security around.

    All we want is a very responsible tenant,that will take absolute care of our beautiful apartment as if it were his/her own.It would be our pleasure to have you as our new tenant to be,only you will agree to work with us directly and promise to take immaculate care of the place for us,which is the most important thing to us.I must be straight to you that we have been disappointed with our apartment before,our former agent lease the apartment to a tenant who almost destroy most of my husband valuable things.We have made up my mind to manage the apartment ourselves and take our time to look for an honest,clean,tidy and responsible person to live in the apartment.

    We are just trying to be extra careful, that is why we are really taking our time to inspect on the kind of tenant to choose.All documents and the keys to our apartment are here with us,my husband made me understand that he will commence on the delivery of the keys/documents to our new tenant via DHL express courier service,on next day delivery,after we have come to an agreement and the first and last month payment is confirmed,which is negotiable.

    Let me know if you are okay with our arrangement and if yes,I will like to know the experience you have in renting an apartment.I will be looking forward to hear back from you so that I can forward you the rental application.Thanks and God bless you.See below for pictures of our lovely apartment.

    Mrs. Deborah Robert”

    2nd One:

    “Thanks for your interest in my apartment. I am a professional piano/music theory teacher, I’m easy going and friendly. I like Music and have deep interests in traveling. I respect every religion and love to hang around with people and i am definitely not a trouble maker and very helpful in nature. I am currently living in West Africa and I will be here for long that is why am renting out my apartment. The apartment is located at: 1121 Arlington Blvd,Arlington, VA 22209.

    Bedrooms (#) 1 bedroom
    Bathrooms (#)1 bathroom

    Beautifully Furnished one bedroom one bath with private balcony with fireplace, gourmet kitchen, luxury bath and all the bells and whistles included. Utilities included in rent include (Gas, Electric, Water and Free Wifi). Bring your suitcase and toothbrush.
    Located at River Place (North Building) which offers 24/7 gated security, gym with steam, sauna, state of the art fitness equipment, beach walkin style pool with hot tub, Pool House (seasonal), on site convenience store, drycleaner, hair salon. Just 2 blocks from Rosslyn Metro, steps to restaurants, shopping and a 10 minute stroll across Key Bridge to Georgetown.

    So that you can check the apartment .i want you to know that the apartment have been locked and you will have to drive pass just to view the apartment and the area,i want you to fill the application Below.


    1)Your Full Name ?
    2)Present Address(where you reside now) ?
    3)Phone ?
    4)How old are you ?
    5)Are you married ?
    6)Occupation ?
    7)Current rent payment ?
    8)Reason for moving out ?
    9)How many people will be living in the apartment ?
    10)The rent fee available now ?
    11)How long are you willing to stay ?
    12)When do you intend to move in ?
    13)Do you have a pet ?
    14)Do you smoke ?
    15)How many Month or Year Do you want to Stay?
    16)Deposit : One or Two month Deposit are required?
    17)Occupant Picture?
    18)Reference Details?

    Waiting to hear from you soon,


    Sean Astin”

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