Re-post: Feelings=2cos(π/2)x

27 Oct

In April, eight weeks after I graduated, I created a graphical representation of the unemployment experience, depicting the emotional highs and lows of the job hunt.  I’ve been in a major funk lately, so I figured it would be appropriate to re-post it–the basic point is still pretty relevant, even after all of these weeks beyond graduation.  Feel free to image me wallowing in apathy, lethargy, a mild sense of failure, and Snickers wrappers somewhere on the bottom of the graph.  (Melodrama really spices up any situation, doesn’t it?)


Lately I’ve been noticing that there is a regularity to my feelings (if anyone cracks a menstruation joke, I’ll cut you with a rusty spork).  When you’re unemployed, you’re on a perpetual roller coaster of emotions, and after a while, you can tell that it’s pretty a predictable ride.

This journey can actually be depicted by trigonometry, proving my high school math teacher was right; she swore that this crap would come in useful one day.

Therefore, I present to you, The Unemployment Experience: a Graphical Representation.

If you looked at that and all you saw was “blah blah blah math math bitch bitch complain,” here’s an alternate graph for you to look at:

Where are you in this vicious cycle of unemployment?


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