As If Job Hunting Wasn’t Trouble Enough …

26 Oct

… there’s apartment hunting. In New York. I am now fully on board with Harry in When Harry Met Sally: they should list the newly available apartments next to the obituaries.

Apartment hunting is exciting (a real grown-up residence! I’m gonna put posters ALL OVER IT), stressful (wait, how do you find an apartment again?), and confusing (no-fee, partial-fee, broker-fee, by owner only, huh?).

But let’s say you find that perfect, cheap apartment that’s two steps up from your basic shithole. You love it, exposed freezing brick wall and all. Small problem: you’re underemployed.

Now what? Maybe having a parent vouch for your rent is good enough, maybe not. The landlord is just trying to protect themselves, they don’t want you skipping the lease or getting behind on the rent. I get it. But apartments go fast in this city, so even if I find that mythical high-paying job tomorrow, you’ll probably have already rented the place! And then where would I be? I’ll tell you where I’d be. I’d be stuck in my borrowed apartment on my air mattress for another month, when all I wanted was to live like How I Met Your Mother.

Nothing about real life can just be easy, eh?


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