Time to Suit Up: I Got a Job

23 Oct

I am a suit now.

I know the two die-hard liberalart.us fans out there have been wondering — what the hell happened to Ryan? FYI, I haven’t posted anything in two weeks, for those who haven’t missed me. I’ve been busy tidying up my life at Middlebury so I can take a job in Washington D.C. starting in November. I will be working at the Washington Post as Interactivity Producer. Yes, I’ll be producing interactivity for a living (is that a good pickup line?).

In the upcoming week, I will be blogging parts of the process of getting the job at the Post. The two posts that I already wrote directly after my interviews at the Post: “Fun and Interviews” and “Awash in Resumes.”

I am now gainfully employed as a full-time, salaried professional. No more farting around, right? Our initial goal with this blog was to blog until we find jobs. In particular, that meant the kind of job I will start in a week: one with health benefits, 401k, a desk, a boss, etc. Sounds rosy, right? But I want to make the argument that all three of us bloggers are already employed in varying forms and that the salaried job maybe shouldn’t have been the goal of this blog when we started.

Really, a job is part of a life. And I think many liberal artists look for jobs that fit into the larger idea of an examined and worthwhile existence (sometimes people say they want “meaningful work”). The “standard” job is a big part of your life — time-wise, the eight hour work day is 1/3 of your day, 5-days a week (another 1/3 is spent sleeping and the final 1/3 is what Seth Godin is after you to improve if you’re watching TV). But in a typical case of the-grass-is-always-greener, I am already jealous of the non-traditional job-holder like my friends Leslie and Sarah.

I’d say the number one complaint in my informal poll of recent graduate-liberal artists that are fully employed in traditional jobs is that they lose a sense of creativity and expression. I often hear the words “soul-crushing” used. I don’t want that to happen to me and it’s easier than I think to fall into that trap no matter how excited I am to start at the Post.

This blog has never really been totally about the job hunt. It’s been about defining what it means to be a “liberal artist” and recent graduate grappling with larger issues that are (sometimes) unique to this generation. As I wrote early on in the blog process, “We’re saying that the 20-something recession-grad is a story worth telling. The successes. The failures. The pressures. We’re living it….”

Sarah, Leslie, and I will continue to discuss what we want this space to evolve to be but my guess it that you’ll see an increasing amount of posts that reach beyond the typical job-hunt shenanigans. It’s not that I don’t care about job-hunting anymore now that I have a job, it’s that I realize only now that a holistic approach to finding a job is much smarter. More than half the battle is landing a job and then being able to know what to do with it.


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