22 Oct

Much like my job hunt, my well of inspiration for writing posts has momentarily dried. So, internet viewers, you will just have to make do with whatever it is that comes to mind as I type now. Really, I don’t have some pre-planned direction here.

I feel stalled. I have a great internship that I love, and that I can, if I so wish, allow to take up 150% of my free time. This week I wrote four documentary reviews, a feature article, several blog posts, covered a party and made a short movie about the CMJ music festival. Didn’t know it was the CMJ music festival? Neither did I.

If they would offer to pay me, pay me anything at all, I would accept in a heartbeat. But seeing as how they’ve got me for free, I don’t see that happening just yet. Perhaps they’ll hire me on a freelance basis at the end of the year, but I don’t want to wait that damn long! I want to be paid for what I love to, right now! Is that so difficult?

Okay, I know it’s difficult. But now that I’ve basically figured out what I want to do for my first job, I’m stuck. I have to wait. I have to be patient. I don’t have the fun of possibilities taunting me from craigslist or want ads. It’s just a whole lot of opportunities that aren’t close enough to my futurey-vision that I’m willing to compromise.

That’s way too depressing. Next up in impossible dreams, the lottery.


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