Abra Cadabra!

15 Oct

Those of you, who, like me, seem to be career interns, have got to be more like this guy:

Or this guy:

Or even this guy:

Because I think even Maryland magician Benjamin Corey could abra-cadabra an internship into a job.

The descriptions aren’t all that different. These days, most interns are doing the work of a former employee, who was so replaced to cut costs in hard times. Really the only difference between a quality intern and an employee is the title and a salary. And at this point, I’d take just about anything for the latter.

The problem is crossing the chasm. A couple of solutions present themselves to me (don’t judge me too much, I’m coming up with these on the spot here):

1. Voodoo. People who fear for their lives are generally compliant.

2. Hostile takeover. Similar to option 1.

3. Magic. I bet Harry Potter could conjure up a job.

4. Pet dinosaur. Because who wouldn’t hire someone with a T-rex at their back? Also similar to option 1.

5. Usefulness. If you’ve become singularly useful (ie, adding something cool/awesome/money making/organizational/necessary to the company that only you can do) when an internship comes to a close, the company will have to hire you if they want your activities to continue.

Since no prehistoric DNA is lying around to clone and my magical skills have yet to manifest, I’m going with option 5. I’m drawing on my film skills (both production and criticism) to add a new component to the news website I work for. If they want video production to continue after I leave, we will have to negotiate a new sort of contract, one with a salary and a title. Sneaky? Yes. Doable? Absolutely.

So use those wonky liberal arts backgrounds to bring something unique to the company you work for, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll find you irresistibly irreplaceable.


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