An Application A Day Keeps the Demons At Bay

12 Oct

An ode to job-seeking depression:

My heart, it aches like growing pains

My head, it hurts anon

My search for jobs has made no gains

My hope is near well gone.

I’ve been an intern for ages now,

Oh, God, you know it’s true-

Watching bad tv and wondering how

To keep from being so blue.

The Doctor, he said, “An apple a day

Will keep away diseases.”

Well Doc’s so dang smart, I bet there’s a way

To keep niggling job-worries from teasing us.

So complete one application each morning,

Or afternoon, or evening, or just before midnight.

And maybe, just maybe, there will be some warning

Before depression becomes such a blight

That you can’t even breath or work or search

And at that point it’s really a bummer

Because the world will move on, leaving you in the lurch

By now getting even more glummer.

So apply and apply and network and such

We promise it isn’t a crutch

Just some good old fashioned advice from a blogger and friend

On how to deal with troubles you simply must transcend.

(I know it’s not iambic pentameter or the right rhyming scheme, but who do you think I am, Shakespeare?)


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