Always The Bridesmaid

9 Oct

I have it all figured out. Are you ready for some brilliance? Grab your shades, it’s going to be blinding.

I am the perfect intern. Proof? I just got hired for my fifth internship position. Which is wonderful, except for the $25 a day they will pay me to organize their files and update their emails.

I am tired of being the intern. I want to be the employed. But in this here economy, it seems everyone is desperate enough to accept internship after internship. And in this here economy, it seems that every business is close enough to bankruptcy that jobs that used to be jobs are now internships. So we get “hired” to do what we would have been doing if we were actually hired, but get paid much less. Is nobody else angry that a cashier at the local grocery store makes more than the highly educated intern doing highly necessary work for highly respected businesses all over America?

I know we’ve all gone over the intern dilemma in past posts, but I just wanted to angry rant to the world for a moment. Why am I always the bridesmaid but never the bride???


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