For Love Or Money

6 Oct

Monday night I spent 17 minutes in a drab dressing room with international burlesque sensation Meow Meow. Tonight I went to the launch event for hippy-meets-chic chocolate brand Antidote Choco. Tomorrow I go to a DIY holiday gift expo, and on Saturday I watch a musical farce about American Girl Dolls.

I’m not trying to prove that my life is more interesting than yours (which it probably is) but merely trying to set the stage for my next statement.

I love what I’m doing. I honestly never realized that being a writer would generate so much swag. Which is awesome. But beyond that, I love writing about all the events and the people and the ridiculous things that people do at these events. I am having more fun than I’ve ever had at a job. EVER.

I’ve done some reflecting, and it seems to me that, at any given time, I can either love what I’m doing, or get paid for what I’m doing. As much as I’d love to forgo money, a girl’s got to eat. So my question is: can you have it all? Or must you compromise somewhere in the middle, in that vast wasteland between love and money?

On an unrelated note: both Donald Trump and the Naked Cowboy are running for president in the 2012 election. Under such auspicious leadership, we will totally be out of this economic funk in a jiffy.


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