Awash in Resumes

30 Sep

I send digital resumes.

Or more precisely, I send a link to my resume for download. I do not usually attach resumes to emails or print physical copies for people.

This allows me to customize my resume repeatedly, tailoring a version for the various jobs I am applying for. This is important because I look to highlight particular experiences of mine that fit most closely with the position I am applying for.

So when I walked in to an interview recently, I was surprised when my interviewers all had the wrong version of my resume. Instead of having the finely crafted, cropped, and edited version, they had a life history of mine in three pages, instead of a typical one. Everything from my theatre experiences to teaching environmental science to 5th graders was on there.

It turns out, they sniffed out the longer resume that I usually use as the starting place to craft the shorter, tailored resumes. Pharumph.

But then during the interview, one of the interviewers asked me about theatre and education — not exactly on the interview agenda. Another interviewer asked about my experiences in China, Chinese — also not on the list of relevant experiences for the job.

So it was a wash. I maybe lost points for having a incomprehensible and nearly incoherent resume filled with a typical liberal artist’s smattering of experiences. I maybe won points for having varied interests and a liberal arts background.


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