24 Sep

Yet Another Job, But Not The Right OneToday I was accepted!

Today I was accepted to a babysitting firm (as one of the TOP babysitters in the city, they assured me).

Today I was accepted to a tutoring company (“out of thousands of applicants” … um, I call BS).

Today I spent three delightful hours wandering around central park with an old friend from my Israel days, but that’s not the point.

My point is: what do you do when the jobs you get to fill the time might interfere with future, amazing, real life job opportunities?  I have an interview with a PR firm in two weeks, but my tutoring friends want me to be fingerprinted and start working NOW.

I’m stuck between wanting money and wanting flexibility.  Do I stall?  Do I just hold my breath and pick one, hoping that some fairy dust and optimism will ensure it all works out in the end?  Picking one job is easy, but picking four?  Making sure each of them feels like the only one?  I’m a cheating partner, a job-hungry hussy.  I’ve got so many irons in the fire (what does that expression mean anyway?) that I’m having trouble making sure they all come out a perfect medium rare.  I fear some may have burt to a crisp.  And nobody wants a burnt, crispy iron.  They are just too hard to clean.

It’s a balancing act, and I was never very good at keeping my footing under regular circumstances.  May gravity not tear me down until I’ve got a nice feather bed of a permanent solution figured out.  Or at least one of those single-use blow-up numbers stunt doubles use in the movies.


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