Job Hunting as a Business

20 Sep

Ooh, slimy!

I recently got an email from a friend in Washington D.C. He is thinking about how he can improve people’s job search. He wants to self publish a book about it. He is already giving seminar/workshops.

The other day, I looked through the materials handed to seniors by Career Services Office (CSO) at Middlebury. In a collection of handouts, the professional-looking book caught my eye: “Invent Your Future.” Wow, a book published by the venerable CSO? Well, no. It’s published by Life After Graduation LLC. It’s a collection of tips on post-graduation and finding a job. Middlebury pays money to have this book published with their cover on it.

Job hunting is a business for people. And job hunters are a market segment just like people under 25 or Glee-fans. My point, I suppose, is that people are trying to sell you crap about job hunting. Some of it might be good, some bad. But the desperation is what makes this market segment so full of players.

Take this website. Learning about LinkedIN sounds great. It’s actually free, too. But it’s sales-y. You feel like you’ve been marketed to and that you’re “buying in” to some scheme about job hunting. That is an odd feeling even though the service and advice is good. Where does one go to get clean, honest, no slimy advice on a topic that everyone has some advice to give?


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