Thursday Proverbs

16 Sep

Busy week here. But I like these Post-Grad (P.G.) Proverbs:

Routine is a myth. …P.G. makes it easy for your sophisticated plans to fizzle. Cars break down, you have to stay late at work, or your vision starts to blur at the third paragraph of that article on Syria’s role in Tupperware trade. The most helpful thing you can do for yourself is to keep the self-flagellation to a minimum.

Erase the word “settle” from your vocabulary. …“Settling” is a scarier, more challenging avenue of moving forward. Moving forward doesn’t always happen in an ideal way, or in the way you expected. But, in P.G., it’s always the most important thing to do, and when you find the best way to do so, jump on it. You’re 23. Nothing is permanent that you don’t have done in a tattoo parlor.

Your education was just that: your education.  …Most of the recent post-grads out there are already at capacity for “Value of the Liberal Arts” lectures, so I’ll spare you, but suffice to say that your brain has undergone four years of intense training. You are observant and critical, but also empathetic and three-dimensional. No, those qualities–or that shiny, expensive diploma–don’t guarantee you a spot among Deloitte’s first year analysts. Frankly, they don’t guarantee you a spot on the kitchen line at Applebee’s. But they are never useless. And in time, whether at a job or in some other way, you’ll stand out because of them.

Don’t forget to think big. …Enter working life. Suddenly, all the world demands of you are efficiency and “detail-orientation” (my least favorite term), and the big picture seems to vanish. That’s probably the most crushing part of P.G.


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