Apologies, Insecurities and Opportunities

15 Sep

In the hubble and bubble that is the Jewish high holidays combined with me frantically trying to move to New York, I forgot to post yesterday.  A thousand apologies, my friends.  It will never happen again.

So to make it up to you: first an insecurity, and next, a job opportunity.

I am terrified of moving to New York.  I’ve lived on my own before, and I’ve lived in a city before.  My family supports me, my friends are excited for me–clearly life should smell of roses.  But even so, moving to New York terrifies me.  I am taking the first step of the rest of my life, and I have no idea if the ground I tread is solid enough to bear my weight.  So many have gone before–what if the path has worn thin?  What if I can’t make it work and I have to start all over again?  To mix my metaphors, I’ve put so much of the puzzle that is my life together, I don’t want to have to scrap the whole damn thing because the last piece doesn’t fit.  So I am terrified of New York, because I am terrified of living my dreams and maybe finding out that they are really nightmares.

And next! A Job Opportunity for You! In my search for better than average part time pay, I’ve discovered that being a tutor is about as good as it gets.  In Boston, tutors are paid about $75-$80 per hour.  In NYC, they get anywhere from $50-$150 an hour.  Shocked? Me too.  Who pays that kind of money for algebra help?  Who cares?  I’ll teach your kid to fly to the moon for $150/hour straight out of college, no lawyer degree required.  So, my unemployed liberal art friends, hows about a temporary money-making venture where we take advantage of all that (as Ryan argued) not too practical knowledge clogging up the brain cells? That’s right liberal artists, I have finally discovered a job where your top tier education, SAT scores, grade point average and breadth of knowledge are appreciated.  Get to work.


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