“We’ve Got Time to Help”

12 Sep

I’m a huge advocate of volunteering, as I’ve discussed here and here.  I stumbled across an Oregon-based organization, We’ve Got Time to Help, whose members are comprised largely of people who have been laid off and are using some of their free time to improve their community.  Their philosophy reflects the incredible value of volunteering, on both the “givers” and the “getters.”

While we are still trying to find steady employment we realized we had time and skills that could benefit others in their time of need and, in the process, feel better about ourselves. After knocking on countless doors, sending out innumerable resumes and contacting thousands of people our personal self worth started sliding. Instead of letting it get to us we decided to help ourselves by helping others.

Every person on Earth has a skill or some experience that can help someone else. In these bleak times, we need to stand together, act together, and help one another in our greatest time of need.


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