The Helpful, Hurtful and Hellish: Uncalled for Family Advice Part Two, the Winikers

7 Sep

My grandmother grew up on a chicken farm as one of seven.  My mom has something like twenty seven first cousins who line up by order of age to take a can-can dancer inspired family photo at every opportunity.  At my generation, there are more than fifty second cousins.  Needless to say, whenever the Winikers get together, it is guaranteed to be a ridiculous time.

The Winikers are the family business types.  They also tend to live just down the street from one another.  Which means that family and work politics tend to require one hell of a cocktail, on the rocks.  But then again, through it all, the Winikers make each other laugh.  So settle in with your favorite drink and enjoy round two of family career advice … from the Winikers.

Name: Teri

Age: 47

Occupation: wife ,mother, part time controller

Career Advice:  Be persistent and positive and be willing to “pay your dues” … whatever that means.

Name:  Bobbs  (at least, that’s what the kids call her. To me, she will always be my Bobie)

Occupation: retired boss, wife and mother (and grandmother)

Career Advice:  According to Chik–f-let CEO, take any job available and do it without complaints, the best that you can and with a smile on your face.  (Well, if the chicken guy said it, then it must be true)

Name: Sandy

Age: 19

Occupation: tour guide, student, worked at a summer camp this summer

Career Advice:  Make sure you aren’t dehydrated for the interview. If you don’t get the first job you apply to, it stinks. If you don’t get the second, it stinks even more. But at least you haven’t been rejected by the same employer twice, like me. So keep your head up, keep applying and eventually something will work out. Although I don’t know if my advice is worth much since I double my hourly paycheck when I find a penny on the ground.  (Don’t go stealing my jokes, sis)

Name: Nancy

Age: 45

Occupation: Stay at home mom now. Many years in different jobs.

Career Advice:  Never close the doors behind you. Keep all your options open. You never know who or when someone can help you get what you want or need.

Name: Nikki

Age: 16  (to me, you will always and forever be twelve)

Occupation: student

Career Advice:  Don’t play in woodchips.  (This needs explaining, but I think however you want to take it will be far more entertaining than me spending a paragraph explaining twice-over toe surgery)

Name: Bruce

Age: 49

Occupation: Self Employed

Career Advice: Follow your dreams, do something that interests you and network.  (Ugh, the “N” word)

Name: Michael

Age:  47, but I look younger

Occupation: President, National Food Exchange

Career Advice:  Never Give Up.

Name: Lauren

Age: 44

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Career Advice: You have to figure out where your interest lie and what you like to do. Then put a job to it. The job you like will be the one that lasts.

Name: Mark

Age: 48

Occupation: Insurance / Real estate

Career Advice: Even the simplest of jobs help you prepare for the future. Do not pass on jobs that seem beneath you. Temp work cane be fun and help build your resume.

Name: Elaine

Age: 65 still  (and forever, eh?)

Occupation: Bookkeeper for husband’s company (since she was 28)

Career Advice: Marry someone who owns a business and insist on a high salary.

Name: Rebecca

Age: 36

Occupation: Insurance worker bee and musician

Career Advice: Be the daughter of a man who owns a business and insist that he should employ you with great benefits.

That about sums it up. If you can’t marry rich, marry for the family business.


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