The Unemployment Chronicles

1 Sep

We all have our guilty pleasure reading.  The Huffington Post, the extremely left-wing, sensationalized tabloid of the political world, is mine.  Regardless, they do have some great features, among them being The Unemployment Chronicles.  Much like what we do here at, they publish the stories of recent grads, several of whom went to the nation’s top public and private schools, as they hunt for gainful employment.

I spent a fair amount of time clicking through these videos and journal entries.  I almost felt like I was rubber-neckin’ at a bad accident, slowing down to see just how bad the damage was.  But honestly, I was attracted to these people, my counter-parts, my compatriots, because of the sense of camaraderie I felt with them.  Knowing that it’s tough for them validates my own experience.

The Unemployment Chronicles prove that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with my generation; we are generally responsible, sensible people who are trying to land our first job in tougher times.  Which runs counter to a huge piece that the New York Times ran last week, saying that we were immature and slow to hit the “five key milestones” that brand us real adults.  Which we’re so not. The economy is crap, and that is a legitimate reason for us to not find jobs, get married, and pop out kids at the same lightning speed you old bats apparently did.  So Gray Lady, I hereby give you license to, as Generation Millenial likes to say, suck it.

Anyway.  Here’s a few videos, with a link to the corresponding entry, below:

Samantha Kreindel, Employed After a Two Year Hunt

Marquez Forrest, Grad Student Looking for Work

Loren Wearsch, Underemployed One Year


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