Transparent Hiring

19 Aug

The normal job process is shrouded in mystery. So many questions: How do you submit applications? Email? Job site? Through someone you know? How many people applied? Who am I up against? How many people will be hired? How many rounds of interviews will there be? Etc Etc.

That’s why I am so pleasantly surprised by this: an open letter to applicants.

I applied for a Code for America fellowship, and when an employer greets the process with transparency, it’s disarming. You feel like you’re actually included in the process even if you don’t even make it past the first round. You finally see a little clarity in a process that elsewhere is like looking out into the abyss. And transparency is not simply doing an auto-confirmed message that says you’ve submitted your application. No, it’s outlining the hiring process for applicants, telling applicants the chances of being selected, being real about resources available once hired, and listing off who will be deciding upon your application. To me, that’s huge.

Can other organizations follow suit by trying transparent hiring?


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