12 Aug

The more precisely
the POSITION is determined,
the less precisely
the MOMENTUM is known

(Werner von Heisenberg)

This week I have been exchanging emails with Alex Benepe, president and commissioner of the International Quidditch Association (IQA). The only word that comes to mind when talking with Alex is: momentum.

Alex took a upstart sport based the Harry Potter books from a singularly Middlebury College endeavor to a collegiate league to an international buzz-worthy news item. But that is not what I find remarkable. To me, the greatest challenge for Alex was taking something that was a college extracurricular and making a career out of it.

I find that too often people see the end of college as an end-point, a time to launch something new. But that mentality only serves the break the momentum. People do some pretty awesome things in college — why let that progress die? The norm is to pass your student organization down to other students. This ensures the life of your organization and work continues. But what if more student organizations at college were more like entrepreneurial ventures? If successful, you wouldn’t pass an organization down, you’d run with it.

Alex has done just that. He’s treated Quidditch as something to grow not simply pass down. I’d like to see liberal artists grow an idea or a movement and not treat it like it’s just for four years.

Go with momentum.


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