Messy and Difficult

30 Jul

I’ve talked about hiring artists. This violinist and foreign language liberal artists were job finalists:

In the ad for the position, I had stated that we were particularly open to graduates in the liberal arts. Then, in the interviews, I described a number of tasks and projects that called for some analytical thinking and creativity.

I asked the interviewees what they had learned in their college career that might help our company. I was hoping to find people who could connect their intellectual growth in school to approaching the real-world problems and projects I had just described.

Instead, most applicants talked about specific skills they had been taught in their courses but didn’t mention the projects I had outlined. That’s not what I was looking for.

One applicant, by contrast, told me about the messy and difficult process of gaining mastery of the idiom of a foreign language and how this experience could apply to solving some of the problems I had presented. She was a finalist for the job.

(via NYTimes, “Preoccupations”)


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