Filling Grown Up Shoes

27 Jul

I feel too young to own a business.

I mean, this guy looks more the part of the business owner than I do.

I don’t know if it’s a complex about the type of young people who do start up businesses (in my exposure, cocky, pretentious sorts), or a complex about the responsibility of owning a business. Call me Peter Pan, I just feel like there is a big difference between working for someone older and wiser and striking out to be all grown up on my own.

Maybe I should catch you internet types up on the story of my job search. When I am not seeing a career counselor and letting the process take its course, I am busy catapulting myself through its proper steps and dreaming up a business of my very own. Which is exciting, in that all my friends have such wonderful ideas and input that they voice on an oh-so-regular basis, but scary in that I have to figure out the rules by trying (and failing), which could involve fines, the FDA breathing down my back, and potentially losing everything. That would be a super bummer.

But all journeys begin with a single step, or so the saying goes. Both Enron and Mrs. Field’s Cookies started with a single dreamer like me. Someone willing to take the risk, fill the shoes, and make something where there was nothing before. I suppose my anxieties about business ownership could be someone else’s fears of owning enough blazers to not get laughed out of the law office. Or Sarah and Ryan’s fear of cooking meals on their own. Being a grown up is just plain scary, especially when your feet are much too small for those shoes.


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