Unrelated Nonsense

13 Jul

Why hello there yea big internet world! I would totally give you a hug if you weren’t digital … so just imagine that for me now. A big bear hug right from me to you.

A welcome hug. A “remember me?” hug. A hug containing all the warmth and love that a fellow finagling, fiddling, frustrated, stumbling, searching former student can give. A hug that says, “I’m not sure why I’m the authority here, but I’ll be writing you my thoughts, twice a week, for the foreseeable future.” Why me, you ask? Lama lo? (Why not, in hebrew–a frequent refrain in my life).

Welcome to my wiggeldy path: there’s no GPS, no roadmaps, and no clear steps forward. But every step gets you somewhere, eh? My first employment as part of the permanent staff of a blog about unemployment. It’s gonna be a rocky ride.


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