12 Jul

It could be these fatigues:

But it’s more like this fatigue:

I’m tired of job hunting. Is that bad? According to an excellent article that I’m about to pull an unrepresentative quote from, I should be in one of the three groups of grads:

…a third of the seniors he talked to that semester were seriously looking for work; another third were planning to go to grad school. The final third, he said, were “not even engaging with the job market—these are the ones whose parents have already said, ‘Just come home and live with us.’”

Let me be clear, I am not “immobilized” by being tired of searching, but I am neither seriously looking for work (“serious” to me is probably 20 hours a week), planning to go the grad school, nor completely unengaged with the job market. I’m just tired. I want a break from cover letter and resumes. I know I’ll get back to it. No need to light a fire under my behind… just give me some time to disengage from the process to take a breather. Is that okay?


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  1. Dear Employer, Hire Artists « liberalart.us - July 15, 2010

    […] Artists. Hire artists. And I think “artists” has that larger definition here that includes liberal artists. I can’t guarantee that liberal artists take criticism well like performers who get their egos beaten down by directors everywhere, but I can guarantee we are communicators, thinkers – usually highly driven and passionate, if we haven’t been disillusioned by fatigue. […]

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