Focus on one company

5 Jul

What do you think about this job hunting strategy?

  1. Focus on one company: Do some soul-searching to decide what you really want to do
  2. Tell them how much you want to work for them
  3. Be persistent (though succinct)
  4. Do this until hired
  5. (could do this with a few companies at once)

The idea is that “when faced with the alternative of opening up the floodgates to help-wanted ads, they’ll much rather go with

this person who has persistently proven their passion,” says Derek Sivers who runs the successful for independent music artists.

A friend from high school, Ben Casnocha, adds with this argument:

The gaping hole in [Derek’s] advice is simple: How do you know which company to focus on and relentlessly pitch? …it’s the hardest thing to do…. In fact, I think you can become good (and thus) really interested in a range of things. …[Derek proposes that] the way to find what you “really want to do” is through inspection and reflection. In fact, introspection seems never to bear the fruit you’re promised; personal discoveries and self-knowledge seem sooner found via experiments and activity [instead of soul-searching].

It seems Ben’s advice runs counter to Derek’s Step 1. Does experimentation and activity necessarily mean that you’re not focusing on a single company to be hired?


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