21 Jun

Steve Jobs likes to flash this favorite slide (not doctored) when he gives Apple product announcements. But really — what is with the intersection of technology and liberal arts? Is Steve giving us a shout-out or is he busy diluting our degrees by throwing around the “liberal arts” term willy-nilly?

Jobs has said time and time again that Apple has always been at this intersection. One blog puts it this way:

This may be the single greatest factor differentiating Apple from its competitors. It’s the secret sauce, the thing that makes everything from iPods to Genius Bars to WWDC at least a little magical: they benefit from a broad, humanist perspective, and a focus on what resonates with actual humans.

Liberal artists naturally gravitate toward the intersection of the liberal arts and something. It doesn’t need to be technology. Whatever you’re doing, whatever your job — apply a broad, humanist prospective that resonates with actual humans.


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