2010 Grads, Listen Up

20 May

Today’s On Point radio sesh with Tom Ashbrook was all about “2010 grads on the job chase.” Enlightening stuff, if you have an hour to listen. But actually, if you’ve been following the conversation on recent grad employment, nothing in that radio show will be news to you. Two grads are looking for work, one in HR and one in PR/journalism but really was just confused. They had an “expert” on employment talk about networking and Tom remarked at how only one in four 2010 grads will have a job on graduation day. I encourage you to look in the comments for some very specific shout-outs to the liberal arts. Some highlights from the comments:

“I’m surprised at the high number of liberal arts majors we still see graduating from college.” It really is surprising. Especially considering the sticker price of those degrees. You know, perhaps America should take a page from the European system. For instance, no college and separate law school for 7 years total. Just one integrated program for 4-5 years and you are done with a professional degree. And something needs to be done about the cost.

From a well-employed software engineer, I think that liberal arts is where it is at. Most anyone who is a recent graduate does not know enough to really be productive in a job – they are going to have to learn the job on the job. They need to have the breadth of experience and desire to learn that comes from reading and thinking about math, science, literature, politics, etc.

Liberal Arts: is an “education” not a “degree” and teaches one to think/analyze/adapt; not everyone is cut out for this path, but it is a fabulous foundation for any career. It is also over-priced for most so consider good ol’ state U for a better deal. Work the faculty and alumni relationships hard and it will provide you a handsome ROI!


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