The video resume, a good thing?

12 May

Two summers ago, I interviewed for a internship at The Coca-Cola company. I did it over the phone after an online application while in China. Soon after my interview, my mother sent me a link to someone who applied to the same internship with a video resume. A what? A video resume.

Two years later and I think the video resume hasn’t gained much ground in terms of acceptance. Some people say it’s great for “personal branding” (read: selling yourself) but I still think it’s a remarkably awkward medium for introducing yourself. Here’s a quick sampling:

I see the possibility for some awesome liberal artist video resumes. Anyone want to give one a try?


3 Responses to “The video resume, a good thing?”

  1. Sarah May 12, 2010 at 8:38 am #

    There has never been a video resume that hasn’t made me cringe. What’s more, the possibilities are ripe for discrimination, unintended or not. I think it’s better for both employers and applicants to stay away from this medium, lest someone gets their asses slapped with a lawsuit.

    I also wanted to submit my favorite video resume in the history of ever. It’s an example of how this format can go hilariously, devastatingly, awkwardly wrong.

    David Pederson’s Video Resume:

    Additionally, there’s also the most legendary video resume of all time (as Diana pointed out in a comment yesterday):

  2. Leslie May 13, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    Well, Sarah, I must say, one good thing comes out of all of this. Those of us film people out here can sleep safely knowing that we will always have degrading, soul sucking work making (terrible) video resumes for out of work kids having WAY too much fun with their in-computer thesaurus and running fast and far with any metaphors that pop into their heads in the space of two minutes. I bet David designed and pitched his own resume (to a film professional restraining laughter because he’s already cashed the check) after much deep meditation and a few too many shots of creative problem solving. There is such a thing as too far, liberal artists, and that there is it, in the digital flesh.

  3. aaroncouch May 14, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    Here’s one I saw a few weeks ago. The guy was able to land the internship from this video. While it might not have worked for every position, I think it was perfectly tailored to Entertainment Weekly, and showed his knowledge and enthusiasm for the mag.

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