Hooters Camp Follow-Up: 2 Reasons to Go to an Interview for a Crappy Job

18 Mar

In my last post, I had pretty much stamped a big, fat, red “REJECTION” on Stacy and her offer to interview at the Hooters camp.  However, I decided that this opportunity merited a bit more reflection.  For example, I tragically have never set foot in Hooters.  If I work at the Hooters camp, maybe I could meander on over on my break and…have a sandwich?  Honestly, the appeal of this place is totally lost on me, but I guess it may be because I’m not a red-blooded male who worships the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and HG, I’d like you to meet Boobs, Wings, and Beer).

All joking aside, I did go to the interview today, and they told me that I had answered well and was a very strong candidate.  Which pretty much sounds like I have the job.  Woo. I’m not that thrilled because the idea of spending a summer in Lakeland is kind of depressing (I’ll tell you folks why I hate this place in an upcoming post).  Besides, I dreamt of changing the world after graduation, not running after 60-100 kids for nine hours a day.

So then why did I even go to the interview?  A smorgasbord of reasons, but I’ll list two that may be helpful to you.

1) I viewed this as a chance to practice my interview skills.  When I applied to Teach For America and made it to the final round, I made every unprofessional mistake you can make: I said “um,” I fiddled, I doodled, which were all actions that stemmed from my nerves, and probably led to my rejection (read: do NOT do these things!).  The Hooters camp practice interview would have been tremendously helpful before my TFA interview, so I could have caught those habits before I went into an opportunity that I really cared about. 2) It’s best to keep your options open.  Say June rolls around and I don’t have my dream job in a big city (PLEASE GOD NO).  I’d like to be able to do something that I love: working with kids.  Yeah, I may bitch and moan about how it’s a step down, but at the end of the day, doing something you like is better than doing nothing at all.  Even if it does pay $7.25 an hour.


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